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Note : We are Covid 19 compliant and you must follow and sign the  waver

that you and your dancer(s) will be cooperative with protocol procedures.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Bowmanville  Studio  2445 Baseline Rd. West ( Waverly Rd and 401 Hwy. )

or please call 905 435 0762

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Theatre Dance Academy Students and Parents

  • If you are sick or showing any symptoms please do not come to class.
  • Do not congregate near studio entrances and exits. Respect social distancing for those entering and exiting the studio.
  • Do not drop your dancer off early. If you arrive early, please remain outside with your child until your teacher welcomes them in. Once dancers enter the studio they will be asked to use hand-sanitizer.
  • Only Dancers will be permitted in the studio at this time. Pre-dance (Mom and me) programs will have a parent come in with their child and stay in the designated squares for social distancing.
  • Dancers must arrive dressed for class. Hair must be pulled back or in a bun. Bring a bag to keep your outside shoes and belongings in. Bags MUST be brought into class. For the younger ones, who can’t put their own shoes on, make sure they have their dance shoes on before they come in as teachers are avoiding physical contact as much as possible at this time.
  • There is no access to the change room or community spaces within the studio at this time.
  • Bring a personal water bottle (label your name on the bottle).
  • Each studio floor has been divided into 6-foot squares for social distancing
  • After class the dancers will be asked to use hand sanitizer and be escorted to the front or middle door for parents to get them. Parents are asked to stay outside, and be ready promptly at the end of class for a quick pick- up.

Once things start to get back closer to normal, parents will be allowed inside the studio.

We are asking dancers to respect social distancing at all times, we are also asking the same of our parents and families.


Thank you for your support and understanding.

Theatre Dance Academy staff and Teachers